The start of this conversation…

Change is part of everyone. Of everyone’s life. And certainly of everyone’s professional life.

Who hasn’t gone through a ‘change process’? Who hasn’t wished to change themselves, their organisation, their (professional) relations with others, their work? Or has had to give in to such changes?

Indeed change is the only constant.

“There is nothing permanent except change” (Heraclitus)

And when change happens – or need to happen – we better prepare for new processes. Process is the surfboard on the ocean of change. And I run a surfboard shack on the beach 😉

The other part of this conversation?

is my answer to the everyday problems and the unusual problems:

  • All the problems that require collaboration, learning and co-creation.
  • All the problems where humans are central to the problem and to the solution.
  • All the problems where linear solutions are probably not to be found. All the ones where multiple -and often antagonistic- perspectives are clouding the path towards a real step forward.
  • All the situations when there isn’t a problem, but there is a willingness to be better prepared for change, and better equipped to collaborate with others – because we are likely to need more and more of each other.

Process Change is a one-person consultancy firm founded and run by myself, Ewen Le Borgne.

Read more about the services I offer and feel free to contact me to discuss your dreams and/or your needs.

About me and some thoughts of mine… 

Find out more about who I am through my résumé page or this blog page describing my journey around these themes.

I entertain two blogs – which provide the basis for the blog posts on this website:

  1. One on knowledge management, learning, communication etc.: http://km4meu.wordpress.com/
  2. One on group facilitation and collaboration: https://agilefacil.wordpress.com/

Both follow an ‘agile’ approach. This is not in the structured programming approach (‘agile’, ‘scrum’, ‘kanban’ etc.) sense of the word, but in the same spirit of quick feedback loops, failing fast and failing forward, towards achieving faster, deeper and greater effectiveness further down the line…

“Change is hard at first, messy in the middle, and gorgeous at the end.” (Robin Sharma)